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1349 How do I view my favorites? 1/4/2022

1334 Hi, what are the dimensions of the ethical stainless steel bowl 1pt? Thank you! 7/13/2021

1325 Is the XL in small dog XL or big dog XL I have a big pit bull who loves cloths. 4/6/2021

1320 what is the size? 2/13/2021

1218 Do you offer the ability to download a product manifest with UPC's? If not, do you have the ability to send one by chance? Thanks in advance! 9/17/2019

1196 TK81002 TICK KEY Assorted Colors Is it $3.99 each piece? or $3.99 for 3 pcs? 5/19/2019

1187 What is the weight of DOGLINE Unimax Multi-Purpose Harness M Blue SKU:DL0202 in BLUE? The animal is a search dog, walks thru flood water with debris. 3/28/2019

1186 I’d like some additional detail about the ingredients used in the Laune hypo allergenic shampoo. We promise our customers that there are no toxins - no sulfates (sodium lauryl or laureth), no parabens, no phthalates, no phosphates,, no DEA, and no synthetic colors or fragrance. We also promise a vegan formula (no marine animal derived squalane) and a cruelty-free product. Thank you! 3/26/2019

1180 Hello, I'm not a retailer, but I am hoping to find somewhere that I can place orders at wholesale prices for direct shipping to a nonprofit rescue group located in CA. I would be making these purchases as donations, and was wondering f I could be considered for an account? 2/16/2019

1179 Hello! Please tell me the size and weight of BERGAN Turbo Refill Pads? How many units in 1 pack? (one or two?) Thank you 2/7/2019

1178 Where are the PATCHWORKPET Playful Pairs Maizey the Pig made? 1/29/2019

1172 Where is the REILLY'S HEMP VET HempMaxOil 30ml product produced? 1/8/2019

1168 does this shampoo smell like baby powder? 12/10/2018

1162 Can you please send me the complete ingredient list 11/28/2018

1160 How many doses are there in one pack? 11/23/2018